Science Labs

It is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments and measurements may be performed.

Physics Lab

A Physics Lab aids a student in establishing the relevance of the theory. It brings clarity in the mind of the student regarding the basic concept of the subject. Students understand the difference between theory and application. It helps student in improvising their approach towards the subject

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is essential for meeting our basic needs of food, clothings, shelter, health, energy and clean air, water and soil. Chemical technologies enrich our quality of life in numerous ways by providing new solutions to problems in health, materials, and energy usage.

Biology Lab

Bio-students serve the country by providing their treatment facilities. So they need real life experience. Biology labs help these students to increase their knowledge so that they are able to provide their best services to the Nation. Students will learn practical skills in planning, executing, analyzing and troubleshooting research protocol. The goal of biology lab is to expose students to various techniques in Zoology, Botany and Bio-Technology as well as to prepare them for indepandence in research settings.

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